silicone sealant in hdb

Homeowner’s Guide to Silicones and other Sealants

Homeowner’s Guide to Silicones and other Sealants

Silicone Sealant in Bathroom

In our experience both as homeowners and as sealant manufacturers, we have found that many people know very little about sealants and silicones. We wrote this guide to help homeowners to be more informed on silicones and sealants, and to help them make better choices. This is a good thing for us, because we find that homeowners are willing to spend a little more on better-quality products that last longer (like our products). Contractors, on the other hand, want to save on costs. If homeowners are ill-informed, contractors will use any sealant they like (usually the cheapest). Having informed homeowners help the industry move to a higher overall quality.

In this guide, we’ll go through the economics, the basics, and some technical details.

  1. Renovations, sealants, and our suggestions
  2. Contractors and their choice of sealants
  3. Why you should insist on a good sealant
  4. Sealant basics
  5. Silicon or Sealant?
  6. Types of sealants
  7. Silicone Sealants
  8. How To Choose Anti-Fungal Silicone Sealants for your Bathroom and Kitchen
  9. Acrylic Sealants
  10. Hybrid Polymer sealants
  11. Sealant applications
  12. Conclusion

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Soudal Metal Fix

New Product: Soudal Metal Fix

We have added a new product into our portfolio: Soudal Metal Fix.

Soudal Metal Fix is part of Soudal’s new “Fix” range which includes Soudal Pool Fix, Soudal Zinc Fix, and Soudal Green Fix.

Soudal Metal Fix

Soudal Metal Fix

Soudal Metal Fix is a sealant/adhesive based on Soudal’s SMX Hybrid Polymer technology, so it’s something like Fix All. Just like Fix All, it has very high adhesive strength, suitability on a wide range of materials, and can be used in many, many difficult conditions and scenarios. For example, it can work underwater.

Metal Fix is targeted at the sealing and bonding of metals such as steel, aluminium, and iron. It’s a great adhesive to use on things like metal fixtures, metal stairs and structures, steel works etc. It can also be used as a sealant, especially for when one substrate is a metal, due to its appearance – think stainless steel counters. Read more

KKH Window Newspaper

Newspaper used in Window-Wall Joints

Recently, there’s been talk going around of newspaper found in a HDB wall, calling it “half cement half newspaper”.

Screenshot of the video (Screengrab: Facebook/ Singapore Uncensored)

Since then, HDB has come forward to clarify that the use of newspaper was by a renovation contractor hired by the flat owner in 1999. The balcony was completed in 1984.

We’re not surprised, because we’re in the window industry. Stuffing newspaper into window frame joints is fairly common practice back in the day. You know where else you can find newspaper stuffed into a window joint?

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

We visited the hospital for personal reasons in 2014, and found this window at the ward.

It’s the same thing. Newspaper stuffed into a window joint, and then a layer of acrylic sealant over the newspaper. Read more

Soudal Annual Report 2017

Soudal Annual Report 2017

Soudal N.V. has released its annual report for 2017. The Annual Report 2017 is available here, or you can download it directly from this link.

Key Figures

  • 2017 Gross Turnover was EUR 755m, a whopping increase of 12% from 2016.
  • Net Result of EUR 26m, slightly higher than the previous year’s 25m.
  • Investments of EUR 90m, almost threefold of 2016’s 32m.
  • A workforce count increase of 300 – from 2570 to 2861

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